Increasing Access to Sustainable and Quality Healthcare Services
May 14, 2020 Completed projects

Increasing Access to Sustainable and Quality Healthcare Services

Full name of project: Increasing access to sustainable and quality healthcare services for returnees and vulnerable communities in Al Qa’im district, governorate of Al Anbar

  • Project duration: November 2018 - May 2019
  • Description: Primary healthcare remains one of the biggest challenges after the conflict in Iraq has ended. The gap in healthcare affects people, especially the returnee families. It is one of the problems that prevents them from voluntarily returning. CCR supplied and installed new medical equipment and devices in Al Qa’im General Hospital to replace the damaged ones, and imported new technologies that helped improve the overall quality of the healthcare services. Additionally, CCR rehabilitated the statistical department and delivered technical trainings to medical and administrative personnel in the hospital. Almost 50 members of the hospital staff received trainings on how to use the new devices and how to implement new treatment.
    Thanks to the project, the hospital helped over 12,000 people with health problems.
  • Donor: Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.