About us

Caritas Czech Republic has been working in Iraq since April 2015 and is officially registered and authorized to work in areas of Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Government of Iraq (GoI). The main office is in Erbil, and the coordination office is in Baghdad. We work to rebuild livelihoods and communities to secure safe environment.
We currently operate in Dohuk, Kirkuk, Ninewa and Salah Al Din governorates along with our field staff and local partners.
Following the mission of Catholic Church, we aim at serving the poor and promoting charity and justice around the world, and offering aid to the poor people affected by natural disasters, violence and conflicts. In Iraq, we support IDPs and vulnerable returnees in rebuilding livelihoods and communities so that they recover from the crisis and live in safe and secure environment by implementing various projects in different areas in KRI and GoI.

Mission in numbers

Iraq mission started in 2015 6 field offices (in Duhok, Kirkuk, Al Anbar, Salah il Deen, Al Hamdaniya and Telkeif), 1 capital office in Ebril and 1 coordination office in Baghdad
Iraq mission has 44 employees 19 projects in total - 15 completed and 2 ongoing
800 latrines in Berseve 1 camp 50 hospital members staff received training on how to use the medical equipment.

2,800 families received SoKs (sealing-off kits) Distributed NFIs (non-food items): 3,000 – (16,500 individuals benefited from that distribution)
12,000 patients who received treatment in the healthcare center of Al Qa’im district 32 rehabilitated houses in Al Hamdaniya (230 returnees benefitted from that)
Around 14,000 IDPs could receive primary healthcare services in Kabarto 1 camp The highest number of reached schools during meals’ distribution as part of the National School Feeding project: 65 schools
Number of distributed water bottles: 9,482 The highest number of reached students during the meals’ distribution: 10,445 students
Number of distributed juice bottles: 264,121 Numbers of distributed fruit: 304,151
Number of distributed bread: 214,060 Number of hygiene and nutrition promotion sessions delivered: 671 sessions