Improve Living Conditions  and Support Livelihoods
May 14, 2020 Completed projects

Improve Living Conditions and Support Livelihoods

Full name of project: Improve living conditions and support livelihoods for vulnerable returnees and host communities through food assistance for asset creation in Ramadi District, Al Anbar Governorate

  • Project duration: January 2020 - August 2020
  • Description: One of the most needed areas of support in Iraq is the creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities for vulnerable population. Therefore, CCR supports 24 targeted communities that live on the two banks of Euphrates River to help them build community resilience for sustained food production and improved livelihoods, which is done through cash transfers in exchange for work as an incentive for creation of productive livelihood assets. 
    One element of the project is focused on restoring water flow in the irrigation channels in Ramadi District. This includes soil, dirt and bushes’ removal and rubbles’ cleaning as well as working on the rehabilitation of six identified damaged box culverts to restore the system’s functionality and capacity.
    On top of that, CCR will also directly support agricultural production in the area. We are doing that by constructing 30 greenhouses to support the most vulnerable community members, giving the priority to vulnerable women. Moreover, we are also selecting 40 small and medium sized farmers from the targeted communities and distributing agricultural inputs, including high-quality seeds and hand tools, to them. Our beneficiaries will also receive technical training on modern agricultural techniques, the efficient use of received inputs and on greenhouse operation.
  • Donor: United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).