Women at the forefront of Humanitarian Aid: Meet the 5 women behind our shelter assistance
June 15, 2021 News

Women at the forefront of Humanitarian Aid: Meet the 5 women behind our shelter assistance

Conflict and war affect women more than men. However, the data show that if women are included in humanitarian aid, it benefits their families and the community as a whole. To reach the most vulnerable people, we must ensure that women are at the forefront of the solution and implementing process.  

To meet people's basic needs tormented by war and years of conflict, no one knows the complexity of the situation better than the women of the affected communities.

We would like to show you how women lead, transform, and improve their communities and humanitarian aid. It takes five busy bees in Caritas Czech Republic in Iraq to provide shelter and winterization products for the most vulnerable families in Duhok. Hydra, Jelan, Renas, Media and Zhiyan manage every aspect of shelter distribution, Bill of Quantities rental subsidies, and shelter upgrading.

Media Doski, Field Shelter Engineer

Media used to work as a WASH Engineer at Save the children and as a Project Manager of Barzani Charity Foundation, International Civil Liberties Alliance, Norwegian Refugee Council.

"I am currently Field Shelter Engineer at Caritas Czech Republic in Iraq, assessing the field for Rental Assistance, Critical Shelter Upgrade & Sealing-off kits activity. As a field engineer, I can enhance my skills and use the expertise to help the internally displaced people," Media says.

"It's really useful to know what their basic needs are and to focus our efforts to support them as best we can," she added.


Hydra Yalda Yaqoob, Distribution officer

Hydra started working in the humanitarian field, with World Vision, at the beginning of 2014 when the new conflict had just erupted in Iraq.

"With World Vision International I held several positions from providing services to the beneficiaries, Non-Food items, cash distributions and beneficiary registration," she recalls.

After World Vision International, she also worked for another humanitarian organization, GOAL international, working in Livelihoods. She was in charge of different types of livelihood trainings and the distribution of small grants. In Caritas Czech Republic, Hydra works as a distribution officer.

"At Caritas, I am responsible for Sealing-off kits distributions. My professional background in distribution and the professionalism of Caritas Czech Republic in humanitarian aid in Duhok convinced me to apply for my current position," she says. When asked what she likes the most about her job, Hydra says, "getting closer to the communities in need and seeing the people around happy and grateful while receiving any assistance. Secondly, it’s the supportive team that Caritas Czech Republic has put in place. And also, the friendly environment which makes our job easier and more effective and hopes that we will continue to support our communities in the long run,” she added.


Renas Ismat, Field shelter engineer

Renas has been working at Barzani Charity foundation, ACTED, Catholic Relief Services, where she held several positions such as Site Engineer, Wash Field Engineer, and Project Monitor. Now she works as a Field Shelter Engineer in Caritas Czech Republic.

"The first moment I saw the job vacancy, I knew instantly that this was the right job for me,“ she recalls with a gazing smile.

"Even when I encounter something that is very challenging, I embrace the opportunity to upgrade my skills and become a more skilled employee. I really like working in emergency sectors as I enjoy helping people," she says.


Jelan Muhsin, Field Shelter Engineer

Jelan has been working as a Shelter Assistance with ACTED and Shelter and Wash Field Assistant. With Caritas Czech Republic, she holds the position of Field Shelter Engineer.

"My previous professional background, and my current position as a field shelter engineer, enable me to give back to my community. My work consists of upgrading activity, developing Bill of Quantities for Critical shelter," says Jelan. "I like my job because it is within my area of expertise, and the people I am working with are very friendly. I am very happy as we do a lot of brainstorming and always share our ideas with the team," she added.


Zhiyan Abdulrahman, Administrative assistant 

Zhiyan joined our team as an administrative assistant while still studying for her bachelor’s degree in Human Rights and Peace at the University of Duhok. Before that, she worked as an Interpreter and facilitator for the alternative to violence in Duhok. In addition, she has been volunteering for Youth Speak Organization in arts and environmental issues.

“With everything that happened in Iraq, I am still hopeful for a brighter future for my country. Coming from the same community, it is really important for me to contribute. Even though it is a small contribution, it will pave the way for other people to join and embrace the change,” she says with a determined voice.

When ask about her job with Caritas Czech Republic as an administrative assistant she says that she likes her team because they are very supportive and she learns new things with them. “I can use this this experience with Caritas to help with my career goals with in-camp and out- of- camp IDPs,” she added.