What we aim at development and triple nexus?
3. ledna 2020 News

What we aim at development and triple nexus?

In alignment with the humanitarian-peace-development nexus, CCR aims at shifting towards longer-term interventions with increased focus on sustainability of applied solutions, while addressing the persisting emergency needs at the same time.

Along with this gradual redirection, CCR will work on corresponding upgrade of its internal capacities, development of new partnerships (with educational and research institutions, business entities etc.) and establishing cooperation with new donors. This strategy is already being implemented by CCR and so far it has focused in the following sectors of operation:

  • Support of Liveihoods
    The devastating conflict left the infrastructure of the country in a condition which needs well-planned and comprehensive attendance. CCR is willing to continue its involvement in rehabilitation of both physical infrastructure and provision of basic services while securing the recourses needed to generate income and increasing access to livelihood opportunities for the current and the future generations.
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
    Environmental degradation of the territories is amongst one of the main concerns of CCR. Water resources are among the key factors for the country’s stability and security, and are essential for the development of the agricultural sector. Damaged irrigation systems and water management plans demand urgent revision and rehabilitation. With sustainable strategy in mind, corresponding trainings of participating stakeholders are vital. CCR can also guarantee its contribution to the rise of public awareness of environmental issues.
  • Improve Access to Healthcare Services

    Having valuable experience in implementation of several healthcare aiming projects allows CCR to take steps in terms of improving of the overall quality of the healthcare services. In addition to being able to import new technologies, CCR is also capable to contribute to building the stakeholders’ capacities in relevant fields and deliver technical trainings to medical and administrative staff.